Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Things move fast even when they are bolted to the ground!!!!!

     Hey guys, it's been a while since my last post, I'm probably going to be doing a new one once a month for a while. I just wanted to keep in touch here and let everyone know what's up. I've been so busy between school and music that, unfortunately, the blog has suffered a bit. I'm okay with that though =) because writing and playing music is where my heart is at anyway. Over the past month I've had some good musical experiences: Floor live in Providence, an improv recording session with some great local musicians at Warming Room Studios in the North Albany Studio complex, new material with my grindy face slam band Disappointment, writing and working on new material for GreatDayForUp which is coming out AWESOME, and last but not least, working on my set for the first live performance of my solo project, Claymation, at the end of this month. All this, with the end of my semester and graduation, has made for an insane month; it feels good to be relaxing for a bit.
     On a quick side note, this past week I had the wonderful opportunity to visit 2 amazing outdoor sculpture parks: Storm King Art Center and The Sculpture Fields at Omi. I encourage anyone who has a love for art of any kind to pay these places a visit, it is so worth it. Both places were very meditative and creatively inspirational, I can't wait to channel it into some new music!!

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